Raspberry-avocado musli

málnás-avokádós müzli

Maybe I am a stranger among the fruit-lovers: I really-really like eat the avocado itself, but sometimes it is good to boost it with something. I've rapen one in my kitchen for about a week; I had also a portion of raspberry in my fridge. So I thought I could make a beautiful, healthy breakfast. It's worthy to try in rasperry-season! :-) You need only a couple of minutes. Let's grab your standmixer and make a cool, tasty breakfast. :-)

  • 1/2 raped avocado
  • 100 g raspberry
  • zest of 1/2 lime or lemon
  • 1-2 tsp honey - I sincerely offer you to try the Edymac brand - homemade, extremely delicious; and sold in fine jars
  • you can add also goji, chiaseeds, oatmeal - or what you like ;-)

Preparation. Cut the avocado into two peaces, and scratch out the fruit. Place the raspberry, the avocado and the zest in a small dish and make a puree. You can boost it with the selected ingredients: goji, chia and oatmeal. Let work your taste! :-)